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Hosted by Yasmina Ramzy, Deeper Dance discusses a wide range of world dance arts and its artists with emphasis on socio-political change, community outreach and searching for the meaning of existence.

Jun 7, 2021

How a multi-faceted cultural art form and its dance expression can impact the mental health of communities.

Michael ‘Piecez’ Prosserman is a bestselling author, B-Boy (“breakdancer”), university instructor, and certified coach who specializes in scaling start-ups, team culture, fundraising, and succession. In Michael’s new book Building Unity: Leading a Non-Profit From Spark to Succession, he shares practical tools and stories to launching, leading and leaving a sustainable organization. He scaled a grassroots organization from the ground up as the Founder of Unity Charity, an organization using Hip-Hop to improve youth mental health. Over 15 years Michael grew Unity from a volunteer group to employing 80 staff, raising $7 million, and having an impact on 250,000 youth.