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Hosted by Yasmina Ramzy, Deeper Dance discusses a wide range of world dance arts and its artists with emphasis on socio-political change, community outreach and searching for the meaning of existence.

Jun 7, 2021

How a multi-faceted cultural art form and its dance expression can impact the mental health of communities.

Michael ‘Piecez’ Prosserman is a bestselling author, B-Boy (“breakdancer”), university instructor, and certified coach who specializes in scaling start-ups, team culture, fundraising, and succession. In...

Jun 1, 2021

Dance spirituality, community and social change. Creating opportunities for dance artists of African descent.

The Founder of dance Immersion, Vivine Scarlett is an administrator, choreographer, and instructor, whose artistic goals and aspirations are rooted in the love of dance.  As former Artistic Director and...